Best Supplements For Embryo Health

For a developing fetus, proper nutrients are essential and critical for its growth. Thus, during pregnancy, a nutritious-rich, balanced diet is recommended for the to-be mothers.

Intake of macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and essential vitamins and minerals are advised for everyday consumption of up to 0.5 grams per pound of body weight of pregnant women.

Getting the required nutrients is not always possible by following a normal diet and therefore some supplements are often prescribed to pregnant women. Mentioned below are some of the best supplements For embryo health that are recomended during pregnancy to aid healthy pregnancy. [1]

  1. Prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essentially recommended to pregnant women as they are specifically formulated to meet the increased demand for nutrients during this stage. Prenatal vitamins are recommended to be taken before conception and during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. [1]

These vitamins help in reducing the risk of preeclampsia or preterm birth and also prevent nutritional gaps caused due to normal diet. If you are consuming prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, additional vitamin or mineral supplements are usually not advised as they can lead to potentially an overdose. [2]

Listed down below are some of the best prenatal vitamins supplements in the market [8]

  • Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamins – contains folate, choline, iodine, Vit B12, D3, E and K
  • FullWell Prenatal Multivitamin – contains biotin, thiamine, folate, riboflavin, important minerals, Vit A, B6, and C
  • Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA: contains the required vitamins and minerals including omega-3 DHA and omega-3 EP

Iodine [3], [4], [5]

Severe iodine deficiency was eliminated in the USA after the introduction of iodized salts, recent statistics reveal that iodine consumption has declined in the recent decade. Efforts to reduce salt consumption to alleviate the risk of cardiovascular ailments have caused a decline in iodine consumption.

Where reduced consumption of sodium is recommended as it is the leading cause of fatality, it is also essential to consume at least one teaspoon of salt infused with iodine. Iodine is crucial for fetal brain development. Fruits and vegetables are considered important sources of iodine, however, the concentration of iodine depends on the area where they are grown.

Doctors advise pregnant, lactating or women planning a pregnancy are recommended to consume a dietary intake of 150ųg of potassium iodide per day. Health professionals usually advise prenatal supplements for soon-to-be mothers, however, most supplements do not contain iodine and therefore most pregnant women lack this essential nutrient in their diet.

The recommendation of more essential supplements like folate, iron, prenatal vitamins, and iodine supplements go amiss. However, in more than ways, iodine plays a crucial role.

Iodine maintains the normal functioning of the thyroid gland which regulates certain crucial functions including metabolism, body temperatures and other core functions of the body.

Normal intake of Iodine for the fetus includes the development of normal thyroid in the fetus as well. An underdeveloped thyroid in the fetus leads to low IQ, impaired physical and developmental growth, development delays and other detrimental effects. Did you know, iodine is also important for lactation. As the baby breastfeeds on the mother’s milk, the iodine passes from the mother to the child and supports the growth of the baby.

Listed down below are some of the best iodine supplements in the market


Folate is a Vitamin B that plays a crucial role in fetal growth and development along with red blood cell production and DNA synthesis. The synthetic form of folate is folic acid which is in most supplements. A dosage of 600 mcg is usually recommended to reduce the risk of defects in the neural tube or any other congenital abnormalities. Folate deficiency leading to birth abnormalities is observed in the early stages of pregnancy. [1]

Listed down below are some of the best folate supplements on the market [8]

  • Carbamide Forte Prenatal for Pregnancy
  • Himalaya Organics Plant Based Iron Supplement with Folate
  • Hera Folate 30 Capsules
  • Purayati – Folic Acid with Iron for Pregnancy

Fish Oil

Boasting of two essential fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), fish oil is required for the development of the brain of the baby. [1]

Supplementation of EPA and DHA during pregnancy decreased maternal depression and promotes brain development. Fish oil supplementation can protect from preterm delivery and some rudimentary studies also suggest that fish oil can play a valuable role in eye development of the eyes. [6]

Listed down below are some of the best fish oil supplements in the market [8]


During pregnancy as maternal blood volume increases, the demand for iron also increases by 45%. Iron is required for oxygen transportation and the healthy development of the placenta and the fetus. Deficiency of iron can lead to anaemia which can cause infant anaemia, preterm delivery and maternal depression. [1]

Recommended iron intake during pregnancy is 27 milligrams per day. However, a to-be mother can require more iron consumption if they suffer from anaemia or iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can also lead to other detrimental effects. [7]

Listed down below are some of the best iron supplements in the market [8]

It is important to acknowledge here that as we know supplements are essential for foetal growth and development, consultation with a medical professional is essential before one starts consumption of any supplementations.


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