Body PH Balance Important to Good Health

Did you know a number of ailments occur because of a wrong body pH balance? Many of our internal organs are chronically acidic and acidic state in today’s world. This can rob our bodies of the nutrition it needs to thrive. And that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Most of us take it for granted that we have a perfectly balanced body pH. It may go without saying that we also have a perfectly balanced pH in our blood and urine too. But why must our body pH be balanced at a consistently alkaline level at all times?

Most of us walk around in an acidic state most of the time, within living memory. The two main components contributing to this alkalinity or acidity are our internal hydration (pH) and diet.

There is a delicate balance between our internal hydration and our total daily water consumption. As long as we don’t drink too much, we are protected from the harmful effects of Desinfectious disease-causing organisms, toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

When we drink too much, we drink right into ozonification, we become dehydrated, and our body is fighting the replacement of the unneeded components from our tissues. This zapping of our tissues by leaching toxins from the tissues ultimately results in the capillaries breaking down, causing leakage, and ultimately an acid pH that depresses our internal hydration levels.

So what is the solution to a balanced body pH? Just how does this happen?

When we begin to drink more water than is available, we discard more and more water out of our body until, eventually, the total amount is less than ½ of our total daily intake. Leaching of the unneeded components of our detoxification program continues until the overall daily amount of water leaves zero.

But, before we can contingent on the unneeded elements out of our system, we need to solve another problem: our internal hydration levels. Once we have eliminated all the waste and toxins from our system, how can we replenish the water we have lost?

The Components of Water

One of the most basic components of water must be protein and calcium: fat and minerals. The best ratio is a little over twice our body weight divided by the amount of water we drink. So, where do we start?

A great place to start, and a more important place to start, is with our diet. Meat, poultry, milk and yogurt, and a small amount of red wine. Let’s see which of these four components we can depend on for adequate water.

Meat: Lean meat has almost twice the amount of protein as the vegetarian alternative. Always opt for the wild-caught, natural meat, and if possible, have a couple of portions of this. Fish: Most varieties are low in mercury and high in protein.

Milk: Low fat and organic whole milk. Non-fat, low-caffeinated milk. Advice dairy products for your protein source.

Dried beans: Boy, that’s a great way to get your protein in. Again, depending on your eating habits, ground into flour and were free from all the other toxic bombardments, placed into a ravioli-like pasta, and your tortilla chips will be protein-fortified and multivitamin rich.

Fruits: The dark and non-reserved portions are the most preferable. Then again, since you can’t tell when the nutrients are in the air, it’s best if you’re going to supplement with either Spirulina powder or NoCalcium, which you can get at your local health food store.

Oats: We need some good carbs to help raise insulin levels to clear out all that negative feedback. Best to ground these carbs into pasta.

Leafy Greens: Best to eat the entire head. They are packed with chlorophyll and vitamins.

Hot Spalted Herbs: Add some cayenne pepper to the water that is running over your herbs, sprinkle in some coriander and salt, and before your next meal, wash them down with a glass of alkaline water.

Nasal Spray: Best kept close to hand; not only will it help you with your flammables, but when you have mucus or colds, it’s great to use the squeeze bottle that you draw your mucus out of.

Vitamins: We need to give our body everything that it needs to live to be healthy.

The basic message here is that out of whack with our diet, we need to add healthy resveratient and make what we eat worthwhile. We need to be on the alow glycemic index and really check out what could be better tolerated for our bodies.

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