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Best Natural Remedies For Hairloss During Pregnancy

Dr. Hamza A. Khan – MBBS Pregnancy is a mixed experience that, at one time, can be an overwhelming and joyful adventure and, at other, a scary journey full of physical changes and mental stress. Amongst the many challenges it brings are the changes in the hair. While most women experience thick, luscious hair during…

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Bad Breath – The Kiss of Death

While talking with a friend the other day, I was immediately attracted to the new, hot, spicy, deliciously prepared snack she was preparing for us. It was the new, hot, deliciously prepared snack–Watermelon-Lime wedges–made with a tangy, juicy, ripe Planet Smoothie, swam in coconut oil, containing a mismatched pair of frozen peas fused together with…

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The Energy of Spring is Up and Out

Nature moves in cycles and waves—day shifts into night, winter into spring, forest into desert. The ocean undulates, sound travels in waves, and animals migrate with the seasons. There is a logic to this constant shifting, from one end of the continuum to another, pivoting on perfect balance, back and forth for thousands of years.…

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