Health – How’s Yours?

One thing that continues to amaze me is the power each of us has to control our state of health – to mold our genes and mold our lives.

Don’t you think you know everything there is to know about your health? I know I sure don’t. Recent studies confirm what I ‘knew’ from the time I was a kid. As a matter of fact, there is so much to know it’s hard to imagine what it must have taken for you to hear or know about it.

What a breakthrough! In health, there is always a push to improve – to do more – but no one ever comes to a conclusion such as: “How in the world do I do that?” or “How do I get there?” or “Where do I begin?” Those frustrating questions plague the modern-day doctor who, as a rule, has few patients at the end of the day. More often now that he has to books, he has to answer for a living – that means no nights? No work? He’s reading more and writing more! What in the world am I doing?

Well, here’s the short answer. You don’t need more knowledge; you need more motivation. You need a greater sense of purpose than “Yes, doctor, I know you do this, but how does it benefit me?” or “I wish you’d tell me, mother, why I should care?” or even (sciences aside) “basket case of what to do!”

There’s only one way to get it done, and that’s to connect with a higher power. By definition, this force/source cannot be identified, referred to as a “particularity.” This is because it is not a separate, distinct entity, not a word, and not a body. Instead, its force is everywhere and all at once.

The switch in consciousness that prompts us to choose a relationship with higher, clearer, more perfect–and therefore more transporting–than the one we have is… intention. Nothing else in the world can create the lasting, powerful impact that intention does. Think of the most dedicated person, whether it’s your unborn baby or the Hall of Fame inductee that’s been with you for ten years. You get that person deeply involved in your life, and it changes everything.

And what happens when you are not devoted? Something that was once there awakes Its ugly head! Before we know it, it’s disrupted everything and everyone. We’ve got to reclaim our health, peace of mind, and strength if we are to stand a chance against the plagues of our age.

I intend to help you lay a foundation of intention that will allow you to become unshakable and build a force that will protect you and all those you love from the influences and absences in your life.

You can have all the intentions you want–but if you lack motivation, it will never happen.

It’s all about your wiliness. Are you going to be like HIT or IU? support me, and you’ll join us with millions of others who are already there. I’ve been there too, and I’ve done it all in my mind, I want to help you too, how bout it? Come and get it done, but most of all – Do IT!

Mental Habits and Health

How mentally trapped do you get? Stay away from unhealthy habits, I promise you’ll see. I also promise you’ll begin to see the power you have as you break out of your mental prison. People are looking for an edge. I call it “I’m grabbing that edge!” So when you find yourself lagging behind, it’s time to begin working on your mental habits.

Have you ever thought about how the people in charge of your life set the tone for your life? Most people go through life thinking they are worth something. Then they encounter a life-changing event and they act accordingly. In turn, they tell themselves it’s not their fault; it’s everyone else’s. The truth of the matter is each of us has the ability to take control of our life. When you act from within, you have the ability to make the choices that promote your health and your happiness. When you act outside of your comfort zone, you need to understand that the stress will challenge your muscles, call for your self- muster and that you have to bring self-control and tenacity to beat those odds. The act of moving towards your goals is the physical manifestation of choice. The impact of your decision is the personal destiny you choose.

Never settle for eGovernment diagnosis is the doctor and the Government that have your welfare in mind. Not yourself. Thomas Jefferson said, “I would rather make my fortune by being honest than by spending it on drugs”.

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