How to Boost Your Immune System Quickly

To stretch and work with our bodies differently has a huge impact on our overall health, such as boosting and renewing our immune system, keeping diseases such as cancer at bay, and having a 30% stronger immune system.

One of the most vital ways people can help their immune system is by changing their diets by becoming more alkaline. When you live in a less acidic state, the least amount of toxins absorbed into your bloodstream are collected in your muscles and organs, as these toxins have a much smaller percentage of escaping from the body. When you change your diet to a more alkaline pH, such as the pH of your blood, your kidneys help to rid your body of toxins by switching the pH of blood to a more alkaline level, and your liver helps to switch the pH of your blood to an alkaline level by converting ammonia to form azolamine.

Surgical trauma is one of the most devastating side effects of a poor immune system and poor pH balance. Drastically reduces your ability to fight infection and can cause your entire body to shut down because it thinks it is dying. The best way to correct a surgical trauma caused by poor pH balance and the immune system is to immediately Optimum align your body to a healthy and strong pH balance.

So how do we ensure a strong and healthy pH balance?

First, begin periodically to monitor your pH balance at home, at different intervals throughout the day, particularly immediately after drinking and before you go to bed. Keeping track of your pH level is very easy because all foods have an effect on your pH balance. The pH level of your blood, for example, is affected by what you drink and the air you breathe. When you consistently monitor your pH level, you will soon notice fluctuations from day to day, which confirms that your pH balance is changing. You can immediately correct any imbalance caused by your diet by simply eating foods that support a healthy pH balance.

Once you know for sure that your pH level has plateaued and any increases you may have experienced are a result of certain foods, issues with your medications or general lifestyle, it is now time to begin making immediate adjustments.

The first step is to re-establish your pH balance. Be sure to consult your physician before doing this, as you will need to have access to accurate measurements of your pH balance. If your pH balance is at slightly above 7.0, you will almost immediately notice that you feel healthier and more energetic. If your pH balance is lower than 7.0, you will need to begin taking calcium and phosphorus supplements and a multi-vitamin. In most cases, a stronger acid-based supplement will be sufficient to correct any imbalance that is caused by your diet. Once you no longer need the stronger calcium and phosphorus supplements, Ovarian Supplements can return your pH to normal. It is generally recommended to take your supplements for six months, then once every quarter, take another acid-based supplement to prevent the pH from regressing again.

The best way to prevent the risk of having your pH balance return to a harmful level is to use preventative actions. This means not allowing acid-forming foods such as refined and processed foods, not drinking fluoridated water, and not using prescription medications, except when medically necessary.

It is most important to remember that pH is a process, a measurement of your substances’ state of electric charge. Electric discharges are slow versus the speed of light. If an electric charge is not present or there is an excessive static charge, the biological state of your body and your balance can be affected. The most common cause of excessive static charge is ozone. Ozone is an abrasive which depresses the pH in the matter. The only way to eliminate or balance the negative effects of ozone is to neutralize it, which will neutralize its negative effect of it on your body. This is why it is advised to run an aground connection from your body to a battery-operated air purifier before and after each of your everyday activities. Only by neutralizing the ozone in your body will you be able to restore your pH balance, and beverages you consume will be a mixture of alkaline or base.

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