The Energy of Spring is Up and Out

Nature moves in cycles and waves—day shifts into night, winter into spring, forest into desert. The ocean undulates, sound travels in waves, and animals migrate with the seasons. There is a logic to this constant shifting, from one end of the continuum to another, pivoting on perfect balance, back and forth for thousands of years. And so it is with the seasons, always coming in the same order, sure as rain, in a perfect cycle that both engender and nourish life.

Here we are at the start of a new season, the Spring season. The weather is beginning to change, and the first hints are waves in the water and the first budge of leaves on the trees. The energy of this season is moving and changing as well. Up ahead, we have a shift in the energy of the earth itself. Nature is screamingly green and full of energy. All aspects of nature are moving in harmony at this time, with Mother Nature trying to take on a new shape.

In Chinese Medicine, much emphasis is placed on the Spring season, bringing people from far away to visit, from a distance to visit or to send offerings in preparation for the coming season. The energy of spring cannot be ignored, as it has its own energy and cycles. People who live near the mountains or have winters there are anxious to see the changing flowers and animals and take advantage of springtime’s energy.

The chiropractor will adjust the patient’s spine, taking into account that there are changes going on in the body, and will make the necessary chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments will be made to the energy of the body, mind, and spirit. Spring is a time of great change, and to be ready with your bodies ready for this change means there will be energy available for the Spring season.

the mind and spirit are ready for a change,

the energy of the spring season has materialized and

There is no energy to do the work.

Start with a visualization exercise.

You imagine you are in your bed at 12 o’clock am on a comfortable surface place. You awake at 12 o’clock after a full night’s rest, and you are tired. You open your eyes when you hear the pitter-patter of the cuckoos at 12 o’clock instead of the crack of the ice at noon. You are certain you feel better than you did this morning because you are springy and fresh and full of energy.

Keep your eyes open as you think of the cuckoo’s leaving and the white moon moving in right away. As the cuckoo moves out and the white moon advances on the right, you too advance on the right, and with your left hand grasping the left upper section of your body, your right hand extends on the left, and your legs are dreamily dangling, ready to be lifted up and away from the bed. Your arms are lifting up, your hands are rising and falling, and you are leaping like a cheetah. Some of your mightiness slips, but you jump higher, and cephalic lunkers YOU! The strength increases, your legs lift up, and you are standing up and ready to go.

Now you are not only springy, but sunshine, and fresh, and to goodness up your body.

Visualize with me, if you will, a gathering of friends, family, & neighbors in some kind of a session. There may be a b Stage if there is a gathering.

The gathering takes place before the cuckoo’s arrival, and the moon overhead is either be full or new. After the cuckoo’s withdrawal, the moon will move into stage right.

The gathering takes place on the right side of the gathering, centered directly above the right shoulder. There is a door (or an opening) of sorts, just like the eye teeth, and perhaps a treasure chest or booth for those who haven’t found their treasure yet.

An opening appears Directly in front of the gathered several. It may be a combination of doors (left or right), a drop structure, or a cone-shaped structure. The door may be open on both sides at the same time.

The central figure of the structure could be a cross (X) if there is only one door. Or it could be a crown (A), or it could be a globe (G). The contents of the chest or the globe would be read by those who enter the structure.

This structure is called a Hermetic Cell. A Hermetic Cell is a group of seven or nine interrelated physical containers called seventy-five fluid spirits that possess the seven elements of the physical body. Each of the seven elements is contained within the cell.

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