Why Do I Have to Pee So Much? 3 Causes

Why do I have to pee so much? It’s an embarrassing problem, especially for the sufferer who found out at a sleepover last night that he must go to the bathroom. The sleepover was supposed to help us get over the jet lag, but I’m stuffed to the point of almost passing out…and now I have to pee… Twice a night. If I don’t get up early enough to go to the bathroom by 7:00 AM, I will never be able to go to sleep.

So I found out the three most common causes so you can overcome your fear of ‘Peeing Your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep’.

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When you sleep, your body is healing itself and telling your brain it’s normal to sleep. It means that for your body to sleep long hours, your brain will also receive these messages and function usually. So yes, you will get your rest. If you are tired or not feeling rested, try the next hour. And if it still doesn’t happen, there may be something wrong.


Most of us are deficient in magnesium and calcium, so I suggest eating or supplementing with these minerals. They are virtually undetectable in regular food. Only a few supplements contain sufficient amounts. Dried fruits, nuts, beans, soy products, rice bran, papaya, and orange juice are all good sources. In addition, look at the cookbooks that feature recipes for ‘healthy’ pasta, bread, soups, sauces, and salads.


The great thing about yoga is that it can do everything from keeping you flexible, calming you, and energizing you to keeping you trim and toning your body. AnAyurvedicherapistwill can guide you through a varied set of yoga exercises to help you achieve peace of mind and effective muscle control.


Yes, your genes play a part in you being constipation and/or leakage of feces. There is not a single reason why everyone has one or multiple reasons why everyone has multiple constipation and/or bouts of hemorrhoids. As our genes develop, we reach our peak fitness, which in turn requires the right amount of fiber ( seriousness is the overemphasis on the need for fiber at times. Also, you need to be moving around… lots of it). At times our function may be quite good, and we may very well be “doing the things” that bring about a change in our bowel function. What brought about the change that was to follow was activity. It was not the changes in our genes that were happening at the time.

We are at the mercy of our genes; it is how we develop. In other words, our genes are not something that is fixed. They are dynamic. This means a person can compensate to some degree; the older or sicker a person is, the more they will be able to adapt – the more adapting they will be – to change..

For example, in my life, over the years, there have been many significant changes in my body. There was a time when I was overweight and favorable to my diet. There was also a time when my lifestyle was far different from how I should be living to be healthy. As I changed in those areas, so did my body. There was also a time when I increased my fiber intake quite contrary to my “norms”. In other words, I was “fitting in my 20s” at that time and adding raw cabbage to my diet in an effort to lose weight. Upwards of ten years later, weight in the mid-30s, cholesterol higher, and a whole host of other health problems, including sinus infection, arthritis, diabetes, obstructed arteries, high blood pressure, and a whole host of other problems.

There is a reason for this – my body had to adapt to the changes in diet. As you adapt, your body makes changes to compensate. This means all the waste that accumulates from toxins, fungi, bacteria, and other organisms is carried to the bladder in the form of urine. If we haven’t evolved a way to eliminate waste properly and rapidly, all waste and toxins will build up. It changes our anatomy, resulting in constipation and inflammation in our bowels and the bladder.

Yet this simple change in our diet became “very big” and required us to make a dramatic change in lifestyle. As you can imagine, trying to change a large number of aspects of our lives all at once was too much for us to handle. So we started small, but as we worked on one area of our life at a time, we would move general-purpose towards this new way of living.

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