Why Does it Hurt So Much to Walk With Plantar Fasciitis?

Why does it hurt so much to walk with plantar fasciitis? That was the one question I had for my doctor. He had to do various tests to figure out what the problem with my foot was. I work a lot of construction, so I am pretty much always on my feet, especially during the summer. I’d have to say that I work 60+ hours a week.

The first thing we had to do was establish that he was right about the plantar fascia. The fascia is the part of the foot that attaches to the heel. It connects the heel to the toes. During times of rest, this plantar fascia can heal and feel like it just doesn’t want to let go. Your doctor will usually give you some type of steroid, pain reliever, or anti-inflammatory before the test.

After all the testing and exam, we were able to see that my plantar fascia was actually split twice on the left and that one split is responsible for both pains. Once you start to work on the issue, you need to be careful that you don’t do more damage than you need to. This can be caused by trying to do too much or trying to work a muscle that is hard to reach.

I checked with your doctor; I saw that he thought I should rest the foot for a week. That gave me some time to think about what I should do to treat the issue. I took my turns resting my foot, and then I did some toes and heel raises every way every day. This helped take the pressure off the sore spot in my foot.

The next thing that I did was to wear some orthotics inside my shoes. This helps to absorb shock, and it also helps to add stability to the foot. The heel cushion has cut the heel down, and it means that the plantar fascia can’t pull the heel up and cause additional pain.

After all of the rest that I had, I had to get some physical therapy done to try and recondition my foot. The physical therapist wanted to use a Rotator cuff strengthening program to help reduce the tension in my shoulders. She had no idea that I had already been doing a lot of stretching and working on my upper body. She thought that it would be a good idea to combine the two to see if it could make it worse.

I did overall stretches before and after each exercise session, and I tried to walk with my head held up and basically made more of an effort to sit back and let my shoulders drop. All in all, I felt pretty good, and I was ready to get back to my regular daily regimen.

Up until now, I had thought that the pain was just in the toes and the heel. I finally found out that the actual pain was happening in my other foot. Who knew? Then I noticed that the other foot was hurting too. Then the hurting continued in my heel, and it became so hard that it hurt to do even the simplest things like stand up from a chair. It was then that I realized that something was really wrong. This made things a little scary in a scary way.

I first reported the pain to my doctor. He checked it out and stunned me by telling me that there was no pain. He told me that I had Plantar Fasciitis and that it would get better on its own. He did say that I would have it treated with a steroid injection and that I would be better in about 2 months. Well, I was not interested in waiting for months to get better so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I added a weight loss program to my daily schedule and before long, my heel was back to normal.

In addition to the weight loss program that I was following. I had been wearing high heels with my regular sneakers all the time, and I was not happy with the fact that I was arching my ankle all the time. The thought of walking on my heel was not appealing to me, and the thought of wearing sneakers again did not appeal to me either. So, since I was going to be trialing a barefoot alternative for a while, I needed some kind of shoe that would easily mold to my feet.

Then I found it. It was called Dr. Jack scalpels. I was sold immediately. So far, it has been a catastrophic failure for the product claimed that it was. It pimples along your scalp easily and leaves your scalp irritated and flaky. Many people had success with it but ended up worse off than they were when they started.

So I did some more reading into the scalpels and discovered some really great information there. It helped me understand why so many people were not satisfied with the results they got with it.

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