Why is the Liver So Vital?

The liver is the workhorse of the body, and you’ll often hear very little about it in comparison to the other organs. Nevertheless, it is of vital importance to the body and to lead a healthy life.

First and foremost, the liver’s function is to detoxify the body. Every time we eat, we take toxins and digest them. Our bodies expel them mainly in the form of sweat and flatulence. The digestive system is made up of different organs such as the mouth, stomach, esophagus, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. The liver just happens to be placed right in the middle of all these organs.

We tend to eat too much of the wrong thing more often than not. Either we eat too much fried or fatty foods or anything that doesn’t require much chewing process. Aside from this, we tend to eat fewer vegetables and fruits, making room for more junk foods. When we don’t have enough time to deliberate, we just eat whatever is available. This is why binges are very common. We force ourselves to eat just to spite our thought processes.

The liver can undergo quite a lot of ailments over the years simply because of the way we eat and the lack of care for our bodies. Our need for more energy often results in overconsumption of all kinds of food. If we eat in a better manner, we can handle the necessary intake without much spillage.

More often than not, we go through a lot of pain every day. Even simple things like eating a donut will cause us a lot of discomfort. When we’re full of beans, the smartest thing to do is have a siesta. While it is a principle to many to take time off for fitness purposes, this is among the most foolish ambitions. If we take time off from eating, our physique will store much less fat. This is among the greatest reasons to do liver detoxification, and cleansing cere needed periodically.

Spending a lot of time chewing gum is as simple as having a friend give us a hard time about it. It builds up tension in a lot of us, and if not addressed appropriately, this tension could make us sick. Some call it a ‘needless cause of constipation.

One of the best ways to prevent a lot of health issues is to cleanse the liver from all the toxins. One of the most effective ways is to have a liver detoxification procedure every six months. It could also be preventative if we only sponge off the excess fats, and the worst culprit is tall serving ice cream. So we sponge off the excess, and it’s gone, but now we’ve gained back some fats other than the fats we thought we’d lost. Excess body fats can be a cause of a lot of diseases.

We could store all these extra fats in the form of fat in the body, but it would only cause ill health in the future. If our body fat is a cause of diseases, it would be better to get rid of the fats than do this.

Here comes the amazing part. We need to program our minds to think that a healthy body only occasionally needs little rice cakes or biscuits. When our body is on a high-fat diet, our program does not work.

Program = something we have decided on.

I was thinking the fantastic or ideal = something that must be done.

Acting the healthy = doing something we have decided on.

We have to program our minds for the best results. Yes, it sounds scary, but so does the real world. So we need to make decisions about what we want. Make decisions that we are ready to take action for.

We then need to work for it. So we need to decide what it is that we want. Is it our body more beautiful, or is it just more beautiful? Do we want to just enjoy life, or are we prepared to risk our health for long periods of immobility? Do we want our health to hold up or are we willing to risk it for a ‘quick fix’?

These are questions that must be answered. And yes, none of them will be easy.

We can talk ourselves out of our problems. We can talk ourselves around. But when it comes to our health, we need serious thinking. We need to work on three key things, and I need to make sure that I address these as part of my health plan. These are:

  1. Balanced diet.
  2. Lots of water.
  3. Exercise.

It is often said that it is a mental approach that is most important in disease prevention. That is because bodies in mind have influences on our bodies. And it is in our minds that the spirit has influence. And the disease of the mind is a disease of the body.

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